2019 FIRST Robotics Competition Season

Project Overview

Built in 6 weeks, this robot was designed to play the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge: Destination: Deep Space. DDS involves placing disks and playground kickballs at various locations and around the field, before climbing an oversized stair at the end of a match.

This season was my freshman year on the team, so I primarily involved myself by learning as much as I could from team mentors and other experienced members.

Electrical Subsystem

Electrical Board

Despite my lack of experience, I ultimately became in charge of the electrical subsystem on the entire robot. Within the final two weeks of our team's 6 week "build season," I worked with a team mentor to design an organized and reliable electrical panel. This board allowed for easy access to all major components for easy replacement, as well as protecting the majority of the cables underneath. This system was also the first to use newly legalized brushless motors, which involved heavy usage of documentation and research to implement.

This system proved reliable for the duration of competition season, with the exception of a few early failures during practice. I would go on to use what I learned this year on future robots. Additionally, I used the experience I gained to teach new members in the 2020 pre-season (Fall 2019).