2020 FIRST Robotics Competition Season

Project Overview

This robot was FRC Team 509's entry for the 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge: Infinite Recharge. The goal of IR is to score as many yellow dodgeballs into various goals as possible, before climbing a bar at the end of the match.

In addition to the challenge, this was my first year as our team's Chief Technical Officer, so I had the responsibilities of managing the development of the software and electrical subsystems on the robot, and the training of new members.


Automated Targeting System

This was our team's first experience using vision-based targeting, as well as with automating a function as complicated as shooting. All code was written using C++.

Varying the shooter speed, hood angle, and turrent heading, depending on vision input allowed us to accurately aim from multiple orientations and distances near the goal. I was able to lead the development of this targeting system in time for our first competition, while involving over 10 new and returning members.

Autonomous Programming

Every match of Infinite Recharge begins with a 15-second "Autonomous Period," where robots operate on purely pre-programmed instructions. Due to the large workload and inexperienced software team, we developed a simple, but effective sequence:

  • Leave the starting line

  • Shoot three balls into the upper goal